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If you are interested in ordering from 3Gen Organics please fill out the order form and send payment to 3Gen Organics to start your order. Once payment has been received and deposited, your food order is confirmed. If you have any questions about any of the 3Gen Organics food items please send us an email or you can phone 3Gen Organics directly at 226.220.5882.


Our Location

7875 4th Line RR2,
Wallenstein, Ontario,
N0B 2S0


Call us Directly

Contact Jamie
C: 226.220.5882

Contact Brett
C: 519.741.4841


Email Details

Contact Carl - cisrael@3genorganics.ca

Contact Jamie - jisrael@3genorganics.ca

Contact Brett - bisrael@3genorganics.ca

To order directly from 3Gen Organics please click on the label/heading and enter proper information. For all product orders enter the amount of packages you want of the selected item. All areas are required to be complete before order is processed.

NEW Delivery Fee: 3Gen Organics would like to inform all of our valued customers that any order under the value of $100 will be charged $40 delivery fee. Thank you for your continued support!

Tortilla Chips On Sale! For a limited time, 3Gen Organic Corn Tortilla Chips are on sale! Sea Salt- 2 Bags/ $5 or 1 Case / $30, Nacho Cheese- Sold Out!